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But your credit history makes you feel worried? believes that everyone, despite their past, deserves the financial aid they need – which is why our platform allows you to borrow without a credit check, even when traditional banks turn you away.


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Receive loans from anywhere between 300$ – 3000$.

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Receive your Cash Loan in up to 24 hours or the same day and directly into your bank account via e-transfer!

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There are no upfront fees to worry about!

When you need money urgently, a traditional bank loan is not always the best option. Applying for a payday loan with however, is fast, simple and you can get the funds you need within 24 hours. There’s no need to wait weeks for your loan to be approved and funded or fill out an endless amount of papers – with, you can get the money you need to work on your problems right away.

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What are the requirements for a Quick cash loan?


Even though we do not conduct credit checks like traditional banking institutions, we do have certain requirements that need to be fulfilled in order to qualify for a cash loan:

Photo Identification

In order to confirm your identity, we will ask you for a photo identification – this also helps to prevent identity theft.

Proof of address

In order to proof your address, we will require you to provide us with a utility bill or rental agreement.

Bank Statements

The last thing you will need to provide, are your last three bank statements – this is to make sure, that a client is capable of repaying the loan.

Trust the Numbers

We go above and beyond our competitors!

Our main goal at is to provide fast, simple and accessible loan solutions to everyone, who can not obtain help by traditional banking institutions. We charge no upfront fee, perform no credit check, provide excellent costumer service and do not charge any upfront fees.

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Loan Types

What Loan types are available?

Bad Credit Loan

Do not worry about credit checks and traditional loan requirements – we are here for you when the bank lets you down.


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Micro Loan

A Micro loan is a short-term loan providing cash in advance when it can be proven that the money can be paid back in full.


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Credit Consolidation

Credit/Debt Consolidation is one of the best solutions for overdue bills, possible bankruptcy or unpaid credit cards.


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Payday Loan

When your salary is not enough, a payday loan can offer temporary relief.


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Quick cash loans directly in your bank account

Receive your loan within 24 hours of applying directly into your bank account via Interac money transfer.

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